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The Galli Musical Strings Company was established by Tommaso Galli in 1890. At that time musical strings were handcrafted using gut.
In 1950 Roberto Galli, Tommaso’s son, joined the firm. Roberto inherited the talent of his father and in time became like his father a great expert, a maestro, in the art of musical string making.
In the 1970s Galli Strings introduced new technologically advanced equipment into their production process. Roberto Galli’s son, Tommaso, joined the company in 1985. Building on his grandfather’s and father’s musical and technical achievements, Tommaso Galli has extended into the twenty-first century the Galli tradition of developing and manufacturing fine musical strings.
In addition to offering strings for an even wider variety of musical instruments using the finest materials available, Galli now offers an impressive line of musical accessories.
In 1990 Galli Musical Strings introduced state of the art computer guided winding machines into its string making process. This advance, a completely automated production process and other hi-tech developments have further enhanced the precision and consistency of our company’s products.
Still, though many things have changed since 1890, it always has been and remains the unaltered goal of our company to make the finest musical strings possible.


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