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Varekort M-LIVE B.BEAT 32 Gb
Varenavn M-LIVE B.BEAT 32 Gb
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B.BEAT Includes a digital mixer to handle 6 separate outputs, two inputs, a Headphone output for Click, return from Mixer and Backing tracks; with 4 handy potentiometers the musician can balance in real time what he wants to hear in headphones during the performance.
With the 6 outputs the tracks that make up the Backing Tracks can be sent to the Stage Mixer.
From any source a Stereo or Mono audio signal can
come back to B.Beat through the two inputs, moreover B.Beat recognizes the Click track and can channel it to any of the 6 available outputs and simultaneously to the headphone output.

M-LIVE  B.BEAT        32 Gb

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