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HYMMERSIVE organs introduce a new generation of instruments by optimally combining a beautiful, flexible and reliable organ console to the Hauptwerk Sampled Sound Software Platform.

Nowadays classic organs lovers can choose between three categories of electronic organs: Viscount’s state of the art Physis® Physical Modeling Technology, Sampled Based Organs, or Sampled Based ‘DIY’ Computer Programs. Viscount already offers a wide range of high quality products series (Unico, Sonus, Chorum, and others) accurately designed to satisfy the needs of almost all organists, institutions, and houses of worship. But in some cases, a personal computer based program, like Hauptwerk, may be considered. Unfortunately, until now, this choice has had some drawbacks.

The first is that the stop choices and commands are done by virtual buttons on touch screen that are quite uncomfortable and unnatural to the user and unpleasant to see for the listeners.

The second is because the computer, where Hautpwerk program runs, could become unstable for many reasons, sometimes causing the system to lag, or worse…crash. Imagine that occurring in the middle of a service!

The third drawback, and often the worst, is the entire organ system, computer, manuals, and cabinet, and assembly, often done by a single person that can’t guarantee a high standard of quality control, only possible by means of an industrial manufacturing approach possible through the largest manufacturer of organs in the world, Viscount!

The new Viscount HYMMERSIVE organ has been conceived to drastically improve all the mentioned drawbacks with a revolutionary new design, able to offer the organist and church a beautiful, flexible and reliable solution for their Hauptwerk Sampled Based Organ. The unique reconfigurable and customizable Stop-tab system with OLED displays, plus the appropriate powerful computer hardware, all designed, conceived, and built by Viscount, create an extraordinary organ package when considering a Hauptwerk Sampled Based Organ.


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